My new wetsuits are in my hands & Now I'm ready for the new season ! 
I Love the new colors

Thanks so much to Dunes Wetsuits 

Hard training these last three weeks ! 
Full of waves, full of sun, full of travels and full of blessing ! 

New things are coming soon ! 

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When the swell is here ...

No competitions this year, but training hard for my Australian trip !

Happy training time with the Bro !

Check the video bellow 

The after-storm at home ! 

Shot by Eon Photo


Internal sprain knee, 10days out of the water ! 

Green Chamber

Just before the night comes !


Roll' behind the sunset at home shorebreak 

Birthday gifts

I'm leaving in Australia in August, i'm so excited about it ! 

"I have a dream" Martin Luther King

Everyone in his heart have something to realize !

Cold season

- Keep Training - Keep Building - Keep Growing -

" A la saison froide, le paresseux n'a pas envie de labourer, 
au temps de la moisson, il chercher à récolter, mais ne trouve rien." 

La Bible - Proverbes 20.4 

Longboard session

 The Longboard sessions 
are always good when waves are smalls !!!

The wonderful God creation

The Glory 

Home shorebreak

Training time at home shorebreak 

Shooting with EonPhoto

IBA Annaelle Challenge

Two crazy day during the IBA Annaelle Challenge !
 I finished 14th, bad result but it was a first good experience ! 
God is good all the time :) 

Home Right-Training

Shooting with Eonphoto

It was during september, a perfect swell's week ! I've been training like crazy, and spent a lot of my time in the water. Waves were not present all summer long, so it was a really blessed week one. 
I caught up this opportunity to call Ben Merle photographer with who I enjoy a lot to work !


OGM Bodyboard Shop

It's a real pleasure to promote the best European Bodyboard shop !


I spend a lot of my holidays time to training : Paddle, Longboard, Tennis, Footing, Football, Biking ... 

Thanks to all who voted

I would thanks to all who voted for me. I got in the IBA Annaelle Challenge Speciality Event.
Thanks for your votes i'm so happy ! It's the time to training hard in waiting the event ! 

Home place

Right time, right place

© Julien Le Prévost


© Ben Merle

Full speed

Full speed @t home beach break

© Ben Merle

OGM' Bodyboard shop STRONG Support

Just joined the OGM' Bodyboard shop team the best european bodyboard shop.
 I'm proud of that, it's a real privilege for me ! 

Here the last podcast of the OGM' Team 2013

Happy new year !

Souhaite une excellente année 2013 à tous !
I wish you an excellent 2013 !

"Car je connais les projets que j'ai formés sur vous, dit l'Eternel, projets de paix et non de malheur, afin de vous donner un avenir et de l'espérance." Jérémie 29:11

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." Jeremiah 29:11

© Benoit Merle


Very important for our body, the STRETCHING TIME BEFORE SURFING 

Secret wave

It was during the storm of the last week-end we've spent good time on this secret place

Home shorey

© Victor Calvary

French Championship - Anglet 2012

Je rentre tout juste des championnats de France qui se sont déroulés à Anglet dans le Pays Basque. 
Nous avons passé 10 jours de compétition avec toute l'équipe de Bretagne. 

La compétition s'est arrêtée pour moi en 1/3 de finale (Round 3). 

Durant cette série j'ai trouvé une première bonne vague dans les 6 premières minutes notée 5,60, il me fallait ensuite une seconde vague à 1,80 pour conserver ma seconde place. Les conditions n'étant pas faciles j'ai bataillé pendant 15 minutes dans un courant pour passer la barre. J'arrive finalement à rejoindre le pick de compétition mais il me restait seulement 20 secondes pour trouver cette seconde vague. Le temps n'a malheureusement pas été suffisant pour moi, je sors de l'eau déçu de n'avoir surfé qu'une seule et unique vague pendant ma série. 

Je termine donc 10 ème des championnats de France Open. Je rends encore grâce à Dieu de m'accompagner en tout temps et merci à tous de m'avoir soutenu durant ces 10 jours. 
Félicitation aussi à Yann Salaun l'ami breton qui accède en demie-finale et termine 5ème. 
During the Round 2

Vice Brittany Champion 2012

This last week end i finished second to the Brittany championship. 
I'm really happy for this result, it's my best one at this competition. 
God deserve the glory, by his grace one more time i stand.

Dunes wetsuits - new range

I go for a new year in the team of Dunes international. Here the suits that i've received some days ago directly from Sydney ! Warm, robust, and stretch : High quality for surf with a great comfort. 
Thanks to Greg the owner of Dunes for begin a new year with me.

Short trip in June

 © Benoît Merle

© Benoît Merle

Ericeira trip

I've spent good times in Ericeira during one week with my sister and many friends.  It was my first time in Portugal and i've appreciated a lot. I'm thinking to come back in 2013. I've caught good waves with fun bowls on two differents reef.  It was a really good training for me in right. 
Big thanks to Pali from Palavra de la vida.